Many of us working persons want to check PF Balance online. But before we proceed to know how to check your PF account balance, let us first ask you some common questions. What is EPF? What is EPF Account Balance?

So to tell you all in simplest form, a PF Balance is the amount which is deducted to every month from your salary and added into your personal EPF Account. The amount gets added until you work in that particular organization. Every registered company of India provides this facility of PF Account.

There are very large pool of people asking for the query and information about checking the PF Balance with UAN Number. Therefore, here we’ll tell you what is EPF and how you can check your PF Balance Online in easy and convenient way.

What is EPF ? Abbreviation of EPF:

Launched in early 2013, Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) is a retirement benefit scheme provided from the Government of India for all employees working as the registered company in the country. It is an online platform wherein reserved amount of employees are gathered together and is maintained in an account called as PF (Provident Fund) Account. These accounts are managed and maintained by Employees Provident Fund Organisation of India (EPFO).

In fact, every company in India with more than 20 employees are required to abide with law and register themselves under EPFO. The EPFO organization serves as a kind of fund saving platform in which employees’ and employer share are collected in the PF account and can be withdrawn as and when needed by the employee (or when he/she retires from that particular organization).

We’re sure that now you know everything What PF (Provident Fund) is all about. So, let’s move ahead and learn how to check PF Balance online:

5 Way to Check EPF Balance ( Account Balance Enquiry )

Although there are plenty of offline ways to check PF Balance where are very time-taking and inconvenient. Presently, there are as many as 5 different ways for checking the PF Balance online. To check your PF Balance in your PF account you can also dial a EPF Balance Enquiry Number or can also ask by an SMS. Here We’ll show you how you can personally check your PF Balance with the help of your UAN Number easily:

  1. Check PF Balance Online
  2. Check PF Balance using UAN Number
  3. EPF Balance Enquiry via Missed Call
  4. EPF Balance Enquiry via Mobile App
  5. EPF Balance Enquiry via SMS

EPF Meaning, what is epf? Get balance of epf checking details.

How to Check EPF Balance with UAN Number Online ?

Checking your PF Balance online with the help of your UAN Number is one of the easiest way and convenient too. Before you go on to check your PF Balance, make sure to keep your PF Account Number with yourself.

Step 1: Visit the official website of EPFO i.e.

Step 2: Find and click on “E-Passbook” option (usually on the middle of the website)

Step 3: A new login window will open which will ask you to enter your UAN ID and Password. After correctly entering the details, you’ll be accessed to your PF Account

Note:  A UAN (Universal Account Number) is a unique number assigned to each employee epf balance enquiry

Step 4: After that, a new tab will be opened showing your member ID linked with UAN. You can then view your PF balance by clicking on the passbook there.

Note: If you’re facing any issue with checking your PF Balance then it might be possible that you’ve not registered your account on the Unified Member Portal. Therefore, make sure that you register yourself at this Portal in order to check your PF Balance Online.

How to Make EPF Balance Enquiry by UAN Number?

We’ve talked more about PF and PF Balance, but have only shared little information about UAN Number. So, let’s discuss in detail about the UAN Number below.

As we mentioned earlier, a UAN (Universal Account Number) is a special number assigned to each and every salaried employee works for a company registered under the Government of India. With the help of EPF Scheme knowing your UAN and PF number, you can access your account and also check the PF Balance online.

Also, this UAN Number along with PF Account never changes until you continue to do job in any company. When your start your job from the very first day, the UAN Number starts collecting information which in linked to your PF account. The PF scheme helps the employees to get the benefit of the fund raised by him/her by working in that organization.

If you don’t have your UAN Number, then you can find it on the EPF website mentioned above. Registering yourself on the EPF portal let’s you have access to information like EPF Balance status, Balance Enquiry via SMS from your registered mobile number.

So, here We’ve given steps to check your EPF Balance online with the help of UAN.

Step 1: Visit the portal

Step 2: Enter your UAN Number and Password.

Step 3: After logging in, you’ll get information about your PF Balance on your registered mobile number

Step 4: So, this is how you’ll check your PF balance

How to Make EPF Balance Enquiry Via SMS or Missed Call?

This is termed to be the most easiest and simple way to check your PF balance. With the help of SMS or missed call also you can check your PF Balance without spending much money or time.

For those you doesn’t have an Internet access and wants to fetch the details of their EPF account including checking their PF Balance, it will be more handy and simple way. So, for those the SMS or missed call service is much better than anything.

Although, one thing to note that you must have an activated UAN Number and registered mobile number. If you have both the things with you, good news you can move ahead and give a missed call on 011-22901406  after which you’ll receive information about your PF number, age and your name via an SMS.

Note: Also, if required or facing any issues you must link your Aadhar Card with your PAN card to do the EPF Balance Enquiry process going.

How to Check PF Balance Via Mobile App

The EPFO organization has also launched a separate mobile app for Android based smartphones in which you can access services like checking your PF balance with UAN Number, EPF Balance Enquiry, view passbook, etc.

For downloading the official app of EPFO all you need to do it visit the organisation’s website. One thing to note is that earlier there was no such app on Google Play Store therefore, users has to download it manually on their smartphones.

Following the below mentioned steps will take you to downloading the EPF Mobile App to check your PF Balance. Also, we have listed to how to check your PF Balance online on the app:

Step 1: Open the PF Mobile App and click on Member option

Step 2: Click on “View Passbook” option and enter your UAN Number and password

Step 3: Go to login to see your updated PF balance and checking other details

Step 4: You can now also check details such as EPF statements. Also, you can click on “View Passbook” which will show up all your contribution.

And with this we come to the end of this piece of work. If you have any question regarding this topic, please let us know below in the comments section so that others can also take benefit. more info epf balance enquiry 




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