If you’re working in an company which is registered in India then you must need be having a PF Account for the benefit of an employee by the Government. If you’re an employee looking for your UAN (Universal Account Number) assigned to each and every employee then you should have it in order to check the balance in your EPF account.

In case, you do not know your UAN Number then you need to generate it from the official website of EPFO office i.e. Unified Member Portal & EPFO Unified Portal.

Every employee whether in Govt. or private sector must have been contributing a small amount from their monthly income to their provident fund which in linked to their UAN Number supplied by Employee Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO). There are lots of benefits in having a PF account which can be very helpful in the situation of need. An employee can withdraw their funds from their respective PF Account whenever they want by following a proper procedure.

For withdrawing money from PF Account, checking balance and Transfer money from EPF account, every employee must have their unique UAN in order to perform these operations.

So, the first question arises How to Get a UAN Number ?

How To Know UAN Number ?

It may be possible that you’re an employee working in a Govt. or a private sector but doesn’t know your UAN Number. Also, many of them didn’t even know how to check their EPF Balance. If you don’t know your UAN Number than you cannot make login into this EPFO Unified Portal.

Note : An employee can also check their UAN from PAN Number


In the Unified Member Portal, you should generate a UAN Number so that you can also know your EPF balance and other important details. Here, We will show you how to create your UAN Number. Every employee whose PF amount is deducting from their monthly salaries are entitled to get a unique UAN Number and withdrawing anytime they wish.

How To Get UAN From PF Number ?

The first step in finding your UAN Number is to ask your current employer (company) that whether it has been assigned to you or not. At times, when you join a registered company as an employee, you’re assigned a UAN Number which gets automatically linked with your respective EPF Account. Companies also analyze the salary records of all employees which is kept in linked database with UAN Number. Although, in many companies they don’t provide the details of the UAN Number unless and until an employee leaves the organization (company) which is why an employee has to check and generate their UAN Number.

In such case, employees can directly go the official website of EPFO i.e. Unified Member Portal to check your UAN status and other details. However, before checking your UAN Number, you’ll need the following information :

PF Number – Written in your salary slip

DOB – As per your birth certificate or documents

Name – Full Name in all records

Mobile Number – A number registered with the EPFO

How to Check your UAN Status ?

If you know all the above mentioned details, you can directly head to the Portal and follow the steps we’re going to tell you in a while below :

So, We’re sure that now you must have known why UAN Number is important to have with your for PF Balance enquiry and taking other important Provident statements.

In many cases, an employee might know his/her UAN Number but doesn’t know whether it’s activated or not. So, here we’re assuming that you doesn’t know your UAN Number. Following the below steps will help you to to know it’s status :

  • Search for ‘EPFO’ on Internet and Click on the official UAN Portal
  • Enter your UAN Number and check whether it’s activated or not

Here’s the Unified EPF Portal :

  • Find “Know your UAN staus” on the right corner of the portal and click on it


  • After that, enter the PIN sent on your registered mobile number
  • Click on “I Agree” and after that Click on the “Submit” button for successful completion
  • In the given box, enter your PIN and then Check “I Agree” and “Submit” button
  • You can check your UAN Number which must be given in green color.

Here We’ve given a example of SMS that will be sent to your mobile number while this process

“Your UAN is XXXXXXXXXXXX. Login to with user ID XXXXXXXXXXXX and password chosen by you.”

How To Generate Your UAN

After checking the UAN Number if you feel that you haven’t find it then it may be possible that it has not been generated from the database itself and then you have to generate it by yourself.

One thing to note is that anyone can register themselves in this EPFO Unified Member Portal however, we recommend that you should have a job which makes it easy to get the UAN Number. Following are the simple steps after which you’ll be able to create your UAN Number :

Note : As you may know the information regarding the details PF account, UAN changes by time, hence, it’s not possible to get the latest updates and information about in on the Internet, therefore, we have personally analyzed each page of the portal to provide you information.

  • Visit the official website of EPF Portal given below


  • Find and click on “Online Registration of Establishment”


  • The website will take you to a new window to proceed ahead
  • Also, if you’re facing problem while registering yourself in this EPF Portal you may ask for help with any expert or working person
  • For any assistance you can call the below mentioned numbers :

“ Employers applying for Online Code may contact tollfree No. 1800118005 between 09:45 AM to 05:15 PM on any working day for any query in this regard. Employers may also e-mail to “” clearly stating the problem in detail.”


For creating UAN Number or PF Account, you can call the Toll Free Number provided above.

In case, the above steps are not working at times, you can follow the below mentioned steps (100% working) :

  • Visit the EPF Portal

  • Find and click on “Establishment Registration”
  • You need to fill up the pop up form completely and correctly
  • Before proceeding enter the security ‘Captcha’ correctly
  • Re-check the “Declaration” and then click on the “Register” button
  • It’s done now

How To Activate UAN For PF Account ?

After you’ve generated your Universal Account Number (UAN), you need to activate it and get your EPF number. For that, you need to enter your UAN number and your registered mobile number in order to activate your UAN Number.

Enter your UAN Number and registered Mobile Number as mentioned above

They will then sent you’re an Authorization PIN to your mobile number

You’ll now get your Username and Password for EPF Account for checking your PF Balance

How To Do KYC of UAN?

Only activating your UAN is not important, it is recommended that you must do the KYC (Know Your Customer) too. It is a long term identification process which is compulsory for having such kind of sophisticated account.

You should update your KYC with your latest documents and information including your contact details and personal address.

If you have your credential access and permission you can edit anything and it will also be secured very much. You can edit in the KYC section of the portal.

As time passes, you’ll need to update your documents as asked by the admin or officials.

Also, don’t forget to link your UAN and PF Account with your Aadhar and Bank Account so that it won’t take long procedure to withdraw your PF amount whenever you need it.

WE hope that the above mentioned details are helpful to you.

Leave your comments or question related with PF, UAN etc such as “How to Get UAN Number”. We’ll try to answer each question as per the time and requirements.



Updated: February 7, 2018 — 5:55 am

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